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The beautiful mountainous country called Kyrgyzstan in the very heart of Eurasian continent is rich in joined mountains, pure blue lakes and rolling water that bear long way water to the deserts of Central Asia. These mountain joints bear great stocks of fresh water that cover the forests and fields.

Nowadays the Kyrgyz Republic is an independent democratic country with the population of 5.2 million people, with the presidential government. Its unique nomadic traditions, historical heritage and beautiful nature provide the basis for developing tourism which has been declared as the priority sphere of the economy by president R.Otunbaeva
In the old days the Great Silk Ways passed through this mountainous country, as coming to proof by the abundance of historical monuments. The ancient Tash Rabat sarai is situated at the height of 3000 meters from the sea level and used as a provided shelter for the merchants on the way from China to Central Asia. From the 10th to the 12th centuries the state of Karahanids was situated in the mountains of Tjyan Shan and covered a vast area. The state capital was in Balasagyn. And it was the only central Asian city to escape destruction after Chyngyz Khan invaded. Nowadays this is an archeological and architectural museum.
And the Burana Tower still stands here. The Burana tower is the minaret built in the 11th century and is the first construction of this type in the Central Asia. A typical construction from the karahanids time is the Uzgen complex which consists of a minaret and three mausoleums.

Uzgen Tower is decorated with eleven monumental circles that vary by design and construction method.
The pictures in the Kyrgyz Mountains have really a lot of information for modern scientists who will find them to decade calendars drawn by farmers. This unique stone gallery harbors a lot of information that is not easy to find
The most part of Kyrgyzstan is covered by Tjyan Shan, Pamir and Alai mountains. Peaks Pobeda (Victory), Lenin and Khan Tengri are some of the highest in the world. Waterfalls, caves, canyons and rocks of this mountain landscape provide ideal conditions for extreme tourism like rafting, mountaineering, caving, mountain skiing, tricking and ecological tourism that is very popular. Special kind of tourism in Kyrgyzstan is a horse riding that gives the opportunity to travel about hear, feel and see nature. There is a vast diversity of flora and fauna and unique wild life.

The south of the country is rich in forests of walnuts. The rare Aigul flower grows only in the Batken region of Kyrgyzstan.
Another Kyrgyz miracle is the mountain lakes and the second deepest mountain lake in the world Issyk-Kul Lake can be found in the North of Kyrgyzstan. This lake does not even freeze in winter and the water is slightly salt. In summer this water is warm up and enables people to swim and relax on its very attractive beaches. The surrounding bridges of the Tjyan Shan Mountain keep its water salty and clear.
Sary Chelek Lake is without comparison in the world. The water is so pure. The colors of the surrounding mixed forests and stones make the water seem blue in summer and purple in autumn. Many rare flora and fauna’s pieces are protected by Law in this area. All these beauties were discovered by the Kyrgyz people when moving pasture to pasture. The traditional dwelling of the Kyrgyz nomads was the still used Yurta, the inside of which is warm in winter cool in summer. The wooden framework is covered by wool and inside is carpeted with woolen shyrdaks. Yurtas are made by hand. The upper part is called tunduk which is on the Kyrgyz flag.
The unique nomadic culture and the way of life contain the origins of wisdom and kindness and hospitality. The historical Manas epic tells the heroism and patriotism of the Kyrgyz people, their history and also the massages for the future generations.
The beautiful and diverse, scenery and wild life, climatic ecological, historical and another prerequisites enable Kyrgyzstan to be the one the most attractive tourism countries. If you come to Kyrgyzstan for a while you will want to remain here forever.