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Kyrgyzstan and OIC

The Kyrgyz Republic was accepted as a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on the 6th extraordinary session of the ministers of Foreign Affairs of OIC, it took place on December 1-2, 1992 in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), and started participating in their activity since 1993.

For the first time the delegation of Kyrgyzstan at the head of the deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs took part in the activity of 21st conference of ministers of Foreign Affairs that let be more familiarized with the activity of OIC, took place on April 25-29, 1993 in Karachi city.

The delegation of OIC headed by the Secretary General Hamid Algabid was in Bishkek in November, 1994. During the visit the delegation met the President, Prime-minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the KR.

The purpose of the visit was to inform about 22nd session of OIC ministers of foreign affairs and 7th meeting at high level, as well as to introduce to the political and economical situation in republic.

Kyrgyz delegation was headed by the Prime-Minister of the KR on the 7th summit of OIC states-members which took place on December 13-15, 1994 in Casablanca city (Morocco). By the initiative of the KR on this summit the resolution 17/22-E “About the economic assistance to the Kyrgyz Republic” was adopted. It urged for Islamic financial institutions to help Kyrgyzstan in overcoming the economic difficulties.

In July, 1996 the chairman of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Ahmed Muhamed Ali visited Kyrgyzstan with a purpose of discussing issues on rendering financial and technical assistance. By the initiative of the IDB a group of 200 businessmen of OIC states-members visited Bishkek in order to study cooperation opportunities in the sphere of economics.

In September, 1996 a delegation of experts of Kyrgyzstan took part in the activity of the 20th session of commission on economic, cultural and social issues where projects of resolutions on issues mentioned above were discussed. Kyrgyz delegation introduced amendments to the project of resolution 19/20-E: “Expressing sympathy for consequences of natural disasters that occurred on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, thus influencing social and economic level of fellow nation”, which was supported at the session and adopted with the amendments on 24th conference in Jakarta city (resolution 19/24-E).

A special summit of OIC states-members took place on March 22-23, 1997 in Islamabad city. There Islamabad declaration and Declaration on occasion of 50th anniversary of independence of Pakistan were sign. The delegation of the KR headed by the Prime-Minister A. Jumagulov took part in the session.

In December, 1997 the delegation headed by the State Secretary of the KR took part in 8th summit of OIC. A Kyrgyz delegation headed by the Minister of Foreign Affaires participated in the 27th session of OIC ministers of foreign affaires, which took place in Kuala Lumpur city on May 27-30, 2000. It allowed to continue the activity on protection and promotion of national interests of the country in a comprehensive format.
At the session there was an exchange of opinions on various issues of international relations, in particular on situations in different regions and countries.

9th summit of OIC took place on November 12-14, 2000 in Doha city (Qatar). The delegation of the KR headed by the chairman of the foreign policy department of the Presidential Administration of the KR. The summit was held under the slogan – “Session of peace and development”.

One of the most basic motives of Kyrgyzstan to become a member of OIC was the necessity of economic cooperation through establishing political contacts for the purpose of searching new possibilities to implement various projects of reforming branches of economy and overcoming hard social-economic situation in republic.

The participation of Kyrgyzstan in OIC forums expands the opportunity to extend political and economic cooperation with leading countries of Islamic world.

Out of 17 OIC organization the most important for Kyrgyzstan are Islamic Development Bank and Islamic Solidarity Fund.

Kyrgyzstan was accepted into Islamic Development Bank in the end of 1993, although the cooperation began in 1992 when the President Akaev visited Saudi Arabia. On May 17, 2000 Vice Prime-Minister and Minister of Foreign Trade and Industry of the KR visited the head quarter of Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah to sign a credit agreement between the government of the KR and IDB for the sum of 9.5 million US dollars on reconstruction of an airport in Osh city.

Initially this organization was formed as a collective reaction of Muslim countries to the attack on the Al-Aksa mosque in Jerusalem in 1969. In accordance with the decision of Muslim countries’ states and governments heads who gathered in Rabat (Morocco), the creation of this organization was officially declared the same year.

The Charter of this organization was approved at the 3rd session of the ministers of foreign affaires in 1972.

The Summit of states and governments heads is highest body of OIC. It is carried out once in three years according to the Charter. The conference periodically carries out surveys on the situation in Islamic world, as well as on numbers of international political development issues. It develops a strategy of Islamic policy and actions to achieve clearly defined goals.

Sessions of ministers of foreign affaires are annually conducted since 1970. The ministers of foreign affaires consider issues of international development and their impact on Islamic states, depending on general positions of global political and economical issues. Moreover, the ministers discuss cultural issues paying a special attention to institutions and centers that were created for studying Islamic civilization.

Emergency sessions of ministers of foreign affaires for considering urgent issues of the organization are being conducted.

The General Secretariat that is headed by the general secretary is an Executive agency of OIC. The head quarter is situated in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). This body sees to completion of tasks that are determined by the Islamic conference.